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Animal-Care Products
Calf-Tel® hutches
Available in Mini, ECO, DELUX, PRO, XXL, and Multimax. Additional accessories also available. Please contact your repesentative for addtional information. 

Calf Tuggs calf puller
  • each (49CAFTUG)
Cow Cufflink II
Made of 1.5-inch, 6,000-pound strength nylon and stainless-steel components, Cow Cufflinks are a useful anti-kick device or hobble for unstable cattle. Machine washable and adjustable from 12-21 inches.
  • each (49COWCUF)   
Use for sanitation of calf pails, hutches, milking equipment, biosecurity boot rinse, etc. One of the most advanced, effective, economical, and versatile disinfecting and sanitizing agents available to the dairy industry.
  • 24- ct (49EFSN24)    
EZ Drencher
  • each (49EDRCHR)   
Udder Tech® calf blanket
These calf blankets are made of double thinsulate insulation with easy-to-use straps and buckles. They will stand up to multiple washings. Available in small and medium. (49UTCB)
  • each (49UTCB RG, SM)
  • up to 3 (49UTCB RG, SM)  
  • 4 or more (49UTCB RG, SM)    
Original Woolover®,LG, MD, SM
  • each (49CACO)
  • up to 3 (49CACO)   
  • 4 or more (49CACO)    
Vink calf puller
This calf puller has a very functional design with all-stainless steel construction to ensure a long and trouble-free life. Features include single-handed operation and a rotating lever system which assists in maneuvering the calf during birth. (49VKCPDR)    

Vink cow lift
This adjustable cow lift fits over the hip bones and features a double-direction threaded spindle that halves the number of turns required to attach the clamp and release it. The handle removes to prevent injury. Ideal for lifting a down cow. (49VKHPLF)

32mm long stainlesssteal balling gun
  • each (49SBG32L)    
26mm long stainlesssteal balling gun
  • each (49SBG26L)    
32mm stainlesssteal balling gun
  • each (49SBG32)   
26mm plastic balling gun
  • each (49SIXSHT)   
32mm plastic balling gun
  • each (49MINJGUN)