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Feed Additives
BioFresh® bolus
A super concentrated form of SELECT BioCycle, BioFresh Bolus is an individual animal supplement for use during stressful times (freshening, sick, off-feed, etc.). BioFresh Bolus triggers a digestive response from its yeast and enzymes to boost a cow’s immune system at the highest stress period in a typical lactation -- freshening. BioFresh Bolus is also beneficial to sick and off-feed cows, as it provides necessary nutritional requirements and can be used as a supplement for treated cows in combating high somatic cell counts.
  • 25-ct jar (51BFBL25) 
  • 50-ct jar (51BFBL50)    
  • 400-ct pail (51BFBLPL)   
Bovikalc® calcium bolus
This calcium bolus contains 43g of calcium as calcium chloride (quick release) and calcium sulfate (slow release). After administration, the coating material dissolves in the rumen, and the bolus disintegrates completely within 30 minutes. The calcium chloride is rapidly absorbed while the calcium sulfate is broken down by the ruminal micro organisms, thus providing a sustained supply of calcium. 
  • 1 dose (49BKAL01)  
  • 48-ct box (49BKAL48)  
Cal-D CapTM
Rapid- and slow-release calcium in one product! Easy capsule administration with a balling gun. One feeding of four Cal-D-Caps contains 30 grams of calcium for immediate and sustained delivery. Also contains 20,000 International Units of vitamin D3 for proper calcium utilization.
  • 40-ct jar (49CALD40)  
  • 128-ct box (49CDC128)    
One feeding of three QuadriCal boluses contains a minimum of 54 grams of calcium, for immediate and sustained delivery. Rapid- and slow-release calcium in one product! Also supplies niacin to aid liver function during negative energy balance and vitamin D for calcium utilization in the body. Also available in  QuadriCal Mini, for easy swallowing.
  • 6 doses (49QCAL06)    
  • 40 doses (49QCAL40)   
  • 80 doses (49QCAL80)    
QuadriCal MINITM
  • 6 doses (49QCMN06)    
  • 40 doses (49QCMN40)    
  • 80 doses (49QCMN80)    
Pecti-Cap is a fiber/electrolyte/vitamin supplement for cattle. Features dietary pectin fiber, yeast cell walls, electrolytes, and vitamins to replenish those lost due to dehydration and disrupted gut microflora. Pecti-Cap Jr.TM capsules are also available for calves weighing 100-500 pounds.
  • 40-ct jar (49GPC040)  
  • 128-ct jar (49GPC128)    
Royal FlushTM
For dairy or beef cattle, this nutritional supplement can prepare the reproductive system for flushing. Top dress or mix in the ration 30 days before uterine flush or embryo-transfer drug protocol begins.
  • 12-lb pouch (49BVRF12)    
Nutritional/microbial supplement for cattle. RumenAider has unmatched levels of vitamins, chelated trace minerals, digestive enzymes, fructooligosaccharides, yeast cell walls, and complete array of beneficial microbes targeting all regions of the ruminant digestive tract. Includes rumen-, intestinal-, and digestive-enhancing organisms. Also available in smaller capsules for calves.‚Äč
  • 40-ct jar (49RUMA40)
  • 128-ct box (49RUM128)
  • paste, 300-mL (49RUMPST)    
Select DTXTM
Got toxins? Select DTX can help a cow’s immune system overcome negative effects of mycotoxins, which are common with today’s growing conditions and management practices.
  • 50-lb box (51DTX50P)    
Select BioCycleTM
Includes enzymes, immune proteins, complex sugars, and specially-processed bacteria. Use it to maintain feed intake and boost immunity during feed changes, times of stress, or anytime.  
  • 50-lb box (51SBC50P)    
Select BioCycle PlusTM
A combination of both DTX and BioCycle, BioCycle Plus is a good choice for producers who want to improve reproductive performance and health in their herd and suspect that mold may be in the feed.
  • 50-lb box (51BCP50P)   
Select BioCyle Plus UltimateTM
For dairies feeding their cows high-energy, high-protein diets, Ultimate stimulates the rumen microbial population to better utilize the nutrients entering the cow. All the ingredients of BioCycle Plus and more.
  • 50-lb box (51BCPU50)   
Select BioCycle Showcase FormulaTM
A member of the BioCycle family, designed for calves and all show animals. Use it after weaning for improved growth, and through the show season to keep animals on feed and healthy.
  • 12.5-lb pail (51SBCS12)    
Tri-Mic 1:50
Improve feed intakes and feed utilization for maximum production and reproductive performance with Tri-Mic 1:50. Tri-Mic 1:50 includes live, viable, and fast-acting microbes for maximum performance. It contains research levels of ruminant-specific bacteria and is formulated for whole-herd application as either a top dress or as part of your total mixed ration (TMR). Ideal for allowing a smooth transition from the dry diet to the higher-energy, concentrated diets required for high milk production. Also effective for countering the negative effects of heat stress, poor-quality feed, calving stress, metabolic disorders, or other negative environmental conditions. Add Tri-Mic 1:50 to the pre-fresh and fresh-cow ration at a rate of 1 pound per 25 head.  Add Tri-Mic 1:50 to high-lactation groups at a rate of 1 pound per 50 head. Continue feeding Tri-Mic 1:50 throughout the entire lactation.
  • 4-pound bag (33AG0000)   
  • 20-pound bag (33AG0001)    
An encapsulated, highly-concentrated source of rumen-specific microbes in bolus form. Each capsule has a guaranteed viable count of 100 billion colony-forming units (CFU). Tri-Start enhances the rumen environment to improve digestive performance and repopulate rumen microflora after periods of stress. This product contains lactic -acid bacteria, live cell yeast, and fungal extracts. By utilizing state-of-the-art packaging with low moisture carrier and moisture scavengers, Tri-Start can ensure a guaranteed live and viable bacteria count in each bolus. This product re-establishes beneficial microbial populations following antibiotic treatment, feed challenges, out-of-condition feed, and other incidences of environmental stress. For maternity and sick pens, give one bolus the day she enters the pen, give one the day she calves, and one the day she leaves the pen. 
  • 25-count jar (33AG0003)    
  • 100-count jar (33AG0004)   
Accel Ensile
Accel Ensile forage inoculants contain multiple strains of lactic-acid-producing bacteria, which act as an aid in the fermentation process and preservation of forages. Accel Ensile inoculants contain live and viable bacteria specifically selected for the crop being ensiled. It includes lactic-acid-producing bacteria, which assist in the fermentation of haylage, corn silage, and high-moisture grains. The expected benefits when using Accel Ensile: reduced dry-matter losses, improved digestibility, improved feedout, and inhibition of spoilage organisms. Accel Ensile is available in either water-(wet-)applied application or dry-applied application.
  • 50-W, 250-gram packet (33AG0005)   
  • 250-W, 250-gram packet (33AG0006)    
  • 100-D, 50-pound bag (33AG0007)    
Bovine AccelLyte II
A specialized electrolyte for periods of stress, rehydration, and prehydration. Contains electrolytes to replace those lost during stress, energy to provide an added boost when needed most, minerals to compensate for deficiencies from reduced feed intakes, and vitamins necessary for life. Can be used as a drench, added to stock tanks, or, individual water feedings. It also can be dry-mixed into feeds for group or herd application during periods of stress such as calving, vaccinations, feed changes, temperature extremes, and illness. Feed one ounce per cow per day for single application. Feed 6 pounds per 100 cows per day for herd application.
  • 10-pound bag (33AG0009)    
  • 25-pound bag (33AG0010)    
Freshen Up
Fresh-cow protocol to be administered immediately after calving to reduce the incidence of milk fever, retained placenta, and ketosis. Contains a proactive combination of multiple sources of calcium, electrolytes, and energy. Unlike other products, Freshen Up can be used as a drench or offered free choice. This product contains four different sources of calcium to give fresh cows the boost they need right away, as well as a timed-release of calcium. The sugars in Freshen Up offer a quick source of energy following calving.  All of these components can help to reduce instances of milk fever and other metabolic issues. To administer, mix one pound of Freshen Up with warm water per application.
  • 10-pound bag (33AG0012)    
  • 35-pound bag (33AG0013)    
Accel Fortifer 1-50
A concentrated source of chelated and inorganic trace minerals and vitamins to be mixed into premixes, minerals, supplements, and total mixed rations to enhance reproductive preformance. Can be added to diets for dairy and beef cattle (including dry cows and bred heifer) during periods when added nutrients are required: calving, peak production, breeding, or during environmental challenges. Should be fed at the rate of 1 pound per 50 head daily (1/3 ounce per head daily).
  • 25-pound bag (33AG0019)