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Calf-Care Products
ConvertTM ImmPowerTM TBC
Immpower TBC is a fast-mixing colostrum replacer with 100 grams of immune protein per dose. It’s made from dried colostrum so it has all the benefi ts of real colostrum, plus a full dose of Convert.

All Convert products contain egg proteins for  immunity, enzymes to aid digestion, complex sugars to support good bacteria, and specialized L-form bacteria to support immune function.
  • single dose (51TBC330)
  • 24-dose pail (51TBC335)
Convert Day One gel
Use easy-to-administer gel at birth or any time calves are challenged. Convenient syringe allows easy dose adjustment depending on symptoms.
  • 60 cc tube (51DAYONE)    
Convert Calf bolus
Give one bolus within two hours of birth for best absorption of included antibodies. One bolus equals 15 cc of gel.
  • 10-ct pkg (51CFBL10)  
  • 40-ct jar (51CALFBL)  
Convert Calving Season bolus
The same protection as regular day-one gel or bolus in a half-dose formulation. Ideal for beef calves.
  • 10-ct pkg (51CCSB10)
Convert Ranch Pack
Ranch pack provides a daily, supportive dose of Convert for faster growth and healthier calves. Add to milk or milk replacer every feeding -- especially in the first two weeks.
  • 2.5-lb.jar, 200 dose (51RPAK25)
  • 12.5-lb pail, 1000 dose (51NBRPAK)    
Accel Energy
An energy supplement containing 60-percent fat and 7-percent protein with added vitamins and minerals. Add to milk replacer or whole milk during cold-weather stress. Each bag contains 200 feedings.
  • 25-pound (33AG0035)    
First Day Formula®     
First Day Formula is 100 percent dried colostrum for dairy and beef calves with 150 grams of bovine globulin protein per 500-gram single dose. It’s simple: open package, mix, and feed. It’s safe. It’s tested free of disease-causing pathogens. First Day Formula is also scientifi cally proven: 299 of 300 calves fed First Day Formula had virtually 100% successful passive transfer (99.9966 percent). Purchase in single units or cases of 10. First Day Formula Deluxe features the benefi ts of First Day Formula colostrum replacer with First Defense TechnologyTM. First Day Formula is part of the Build A Better Heifer program.
  • CR, 500-gram packet (33AG0043)      
  • CR, 20-pound pail (33AG0044) 
  • CR Deluxe, 500-gram packet (33AG0045)    
  • CR Deluxe, 20-pound pail (33AG0046)    
  • CS, 200-gram packet(33AG0047)  
Milk Balancer Protein Pivot 28-8 MS NM
Balancers add a higher level of protein and a minimal amount of fat. When balancing, the total solids and volume of liquid typically increase, as well. The main goals of balancing are to improve the protein-fat ratio, supply calves with the nutrition they need to accelerate growth, and improve milk-supply consistency.
  • 50-pound (33AG0064)
Milk fortifier BOV WD
Milk Fortifi er Bovatec fortifi es pasteurized whole milk with vitamins and minerals at a low 20-gram inclusion rate per calf per day. It’s formulated with yeast cell wall extract (mos) to support intestinal health, and it’s medicated with Bovatec for control of coccidiosis. Milk Fortifi er is formulated with Tri-Mic WD, a probiotic source specifi cally developed for use in the neonatal calf to improve digestive microfl ora. Add ClarifFly larvicide, seasonally, to prevent the development of house, stable, face, and horn fl ies in the manure of treated calves. Milk Fortifi er Bovatec WD is part of the Build A Better Heifer program.
  • 25-pound (33AG0065)
First 21-C 24-20 AM NM
Dairy producers agree the majority of calf-health challenges occur within the first three weeks of life. Protecting calves from health challenges during this time not only has short-term benefi ts, but also enhances the lifetime productive and reproductive performance of your herd replacements. First 21 is available as a complete milk replacer (First 21-C) or a whole-milk or milk-replacer supplement (First 21-S). Both are formulated to support immune-system development and combat early calf-hood challenges to create a more productive life. The formulation includes IgG, Plasma, IgY (egg-yolk antibodies), and direct-fed microbials (Tri-Mic-WD). Each of these components has been researched and shown to reduce incidence of scours and improve growth. First 21 is part of the Build A Better Heifer program.
  • First 21-C
    • 50-pound (33AG0080)
  • First 21-S
    • 20-pound (33AG0083)
Tri-Mic WD-calf
A probiotic source for use in whole milk, or milk replacer, to improve digestive microfl ora. Promotes the early establishment of benefi cial digestive bacteria necessary for proper digestion of milk and grain diets. Aids in rumen development when transitioning to a dry-feed diet. Reduces the occurrence and severity of scours. Helps re-establish digestive bacteria following antibiotic treatment, illness, or environmental stress. Can be mixed into water, milk replacer, whole milk, or rehydration products. Feed from birth through weaning. Mix with whole milk or milk replacer at the rate of one gram per head per day during normal feeding conditions. Increase to two grams per head per day during periods of stress. Tri-Mic WD is part of the Build A Better Heifer program.
  • 500-gram jar (33AG0048)    
  • 5-kilogram pail(33AG0049)    
Combat scours and enhance the digestive tract of your calves. Tri-purify is a dietary feed supplement that provides pure, natural essential oils that have a strong antibacterial effect to improve the natural immune system.
  • 36-count jar (33AG0051)    
Tri-Start Jr.
A direct-fed microbial bolus that benefi ts both the rumen and intestinal tract of dairy and beef calves. Helps stimulate feed intake during periods of change. Contains optimal levels of benefi cial microbes necessary to jump start a calf’s stalled digestive system. Administer when calf is three days old to aid in the transition from colostrum to whole milk or milk replacer. Administer one bolus per day for three days beginning on the fi rst day of weaning. Also administer during any management-induced stress such as dehorning, shipping or moving, weaning, vaccinations, and antibiotic treatment. Tri-Start Jr. is part of the Build A Better Heifer program.
  • 36-count jar (33AG0052)    
AccelLyte Calf Electrolyte
A complete electrolyte treatment for dairy and beef calves experiencing scours or dehydration. Contains potassium and sodium to replenish electrolytes and restore proper fl uid balance. Blended with glycine and citrate to improve electrolyte and water absorption. Added dextrose provides nutritional energy. Buffers help minimize metabolic acidosis. Also contains fructooligosaccharides, complex sugars that help establish benefi cial microbial populations.
  • 3.3-pound jar,  makes 36-quarts (33AG0053)    
  • 10-pound  jar, makes 112-quarts (33AG0054)    
  • 25-pound  jar,  makes 280-quarts(33AG0055)    
Calf-tube feeder
  • each(33AG0411)

Bio-Vet calf products promote fast growth and good health with high-quality, readily available vitamins and trace minerals, and specially selected lactobacillus organisms.

Gener-CapTM Calves
Use Gener-Cap, from Bio-Vet, at birth to provide egg proteins for immunity, complex sugars, benefi cial bacteria, vitamins, and minerals. Capsule-in-a-capsule design keeps trace minerals separate from lactobacillus to insure live bacteria are delivered to the calf.
  • 50-ct jar (49GNCF50)    
Gener-K is a milk or milk-replacer additive with a daily supportive dose of everything in Gener-Cap. It also has kelp as a highly-available source of quality nutrients.
  • 3-lb. pouch (49GENK03)
  • 15-lb. pouch (49GENK15)    
GenerLyte goes beyond rehydration, with microbials, vitamins, minerals and egg proteins to restore calves to health quickly.
  • 25-dose pouch (49GNL25P)
  • 75-dose pouch (49GNL75P)   
GenerLyte G
GenerLyte G is a gelling form of GenerLyte. It thickens after mixing to slow the rate of passage through the calf and allow for better absorption of fl uids and nutrients.
  • 25-dose pouch (49GLG25P)    
  • 75-dose pouch (49GLG75P)    
GeneratorTM WS
Generator WS is a milk-replacer additive like Gener-K, without the kelp, so it dissolves completely in milk or milk replacer. Use it if kelp residue would cause problems with your calf-feeding equipment.
  • 15-lb. pouch (49GNWS15)   
Pecti-Cap Jr.TM
  • 50-ct jar (49GPCJ50)  
This electrolyte has activated-carbon fi ber to tie up pathogens and slow the rate of passage. It can be mixed with milk or milk replacer.
  • 5-lb pouch (49GPL050)    
  • 15-lb pouch (49GPL150)    
RumenAiderTM Jr.
Nutritional/microbial supplement for cattle. RumenAider has unmatched levels of vitamins, chelated trace minerals, digestive enzymes, fructooligosaccharides, yeast cell walls, and complete array of benefi cial microbes targeting all regions of the ruminant digestive tract. Includes rumen-, intestinal-, and digestive-enhancing nhancing      organisms. Also available in larger capsules for cows.
  • 50-ct jar (49RMJR50)
Mix BYCEPS-B in milk or milk replacer before and after calves are expected to scour for an extra  measure of prevention. BYCEPS-B has all the benefi ts of Gener K, plus bovine plasma, activated carbon fi ber, and more to help with the most demanding challenges.
  • 1.5-kg (49BYCE15)
  • 6-kg (49BYCE60)  
Milk replacer and starter from Accelerated Genetics

Feeding milk replacer is the easiest way to eliminate supply short fall and ensure ration consistency every day. Accelerated Genetics combines specialized ingredients, state-of-the art manufacturing, and professional technical support with one goal in mind -- to get the optimum performance from your calves. Accelerated Genetics milk replacers are made with premium ingredients to ensure a consistently high-quality product to support optimal calf growth. 

Our unique manufacturing technology results in a 100% instantized product so powder goes into solution with minimal mixing and is consistent from the top to the bottom of the pail or bottle. Mos has been added at research levels to promote gut and intestinal health. Chelated (organic) trace minerals are used to support growth and immune function. The addition of Accelerated Genetics’ direct-fed microbial, Tri-Mic WD, has shown to optimize feed intakes, feed utilization, digestive health, and immune-system response. Bovatec® (Lasalocid) is an available option for those looking to control coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and Eimeria zuemii. 

 20-20 Performacne plus
  • Nonmedicated, 50-pound (33AG0069)   
  • Bovatec,® 50-pound (33AG0070)    
  • Bovatec and ClariFly,® 50-pound (33AG0071)  
  • Deccox,® 50-pound (33AG0072)   
  • 50-pound (33AG0073)    
22-20 HI-PERF
  • Nonmedicated, 50-pound (33AG0074)   
  • Bovatec, 50-pound (33AG0075)    
  • Bovatec and ClariFly, 50-pound (33AG0076)    
24-20 Calf Accelerator
  • 50-pound (33AG0077)    
26-20 Calf Accelerator
  • 50-pound (33AG0078)    
28-26 Jersey
  • 50-pound (33AG0079)   
Calf Accelerator, 19% Calf Starter
  • 50-pound bag (33AG0033)    
  • ClariFly, 50-pound bag (33AG0034)    
  • 8-pound pail (33AG0453)    
  • 22.05-pound bag (33AG0454)