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Heat-Detection Aids
CIDR® inserts
Approved for lactating dairy cows, CIDRs can help narrow the window of estrus and improve timing and efficiency of your current breeding program. Synchronize heats and induce estrus. Insert CIDR to continuously release progesterone, then remove seven days later, heat detect, and breed. (40CIDR01)

CIDR applicator
  • each (40CIDRAP)
DETECT-HERTM tailpaint
Easy to apply. Detect-Her tailpaint is a combination of adhesive and latex paint specially formulated for heat detection. Thicker than other tailpaints, allowing for a more controlled application with less waste. Pocket-sized, soft bottle makes squeezing easy. Water soluble for easy cleanup. One bottle paints 30-40 head on the first application. Ask your representative for available color options. 
  • 12 oz. (40DHTP12)
Detect-Her Spray is a completely weather-proof fluorescent spray with an easy-to-control spray nozzle that provides longer-lasting, bright marks that won’t need to be touched up everyday. Also ideal for writing dates and symbols. Ask your representative for available color options. (40DHTPSP)
  • 13-oz. (40DHTPSP)
MARK-HERTM tailpaint
A challenge when marking all cows with Detect-Her or crayons is keeping marks on pregnant and do-not-breed cows, especially when cattle are not in lockups. Paint marks from this product should last up to two weeks.
  • 12 oz. (40DHMH12)
Self-adhesive and easy to apply, ESTROTECT stays in place no matter what the weather. After several mounts, a red signal layer is exposed, detecting standing heat with accuracy. No glue necessary. Sold individually. 
  • each (40ESTALT)
Kamar® Heatmount® detectors
These heatmount detectors are activated only after a cow has been mounted for three seconds or more. This built-in timing mechanism eliminates false positives.
  • 25-ct (40KMRDET)
Popular with dairymen for livestock marking and heat detection. Available in several colors.
  • each (40AWREG)
Paintstik, flourescent
  • each (40AWFLR)
  • each (40AWTSRG)
Twist-Stik, flourescent
  • each (40AWTSFL)
BioTracking collection kit
  • 30-tube box (40BTBK30)