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Udder Health
Milk Check teat towels, refill
These durable wipes provide convenient one-step udder preparation for milking. Wipes are impregnated with lanolin and glycerin to keep skin soft and also with a germicide to effectively kill bacteria.
  • 700-ct (49MCTWRF)
LOCKOUTTM teat sealant
Lockout is used to seal cow teat canals in the dry period. It features an applicator that eliminates the air bubble found in older-designed products. This prevents the injection of air and bacteria into the quarter. A shorter tip helps to keep the sealant in the teat canal and out of the cow’s udder. The sealant is blue in color to help milkers know that it’s not mastitis when they remove Lockout. Lockout’s design and sealant reduces problems in the udders and equipment, that other products create.
  • 144-tube pail (49LOUTPL)
BoviBlockTM teat sealant
BoviBlock is a non-antibiotic intramammary teat sealant. Use throughout the dry period as an aid in preventing new intramammary infections. The off-white, smooth paste creates a sterile blockade against harmful bacteria between the udder and its environment. The unique two-stage tip allows either full or partial insertion into the teat orifice.
  • 144-tube pail (49BBLKPL)
ToDay® mastitis tubes
  • 144-tube pail (49TODPAL)
ToMorrow® tubes
The broadest-spectrum mastitis treatment available, this treatment is very effective against penicillin-resistant Staph. Use ToMorrow at dry-off for optimum mastitis prevention.
  • 144-tube pail (49TOMPAL)
UDDERgold®  dry
This dry-cow treatment is a polymer-based formula that sanitizes the teat and quickly dries to seal the teat end with a germicidal coating. Bacteria are killed on contact. This external teat sealant seals teat ends for five to seven days after application and the bright-orange color makes it easy to determine which cows have been treated. Bottle seals about 72 cows.
  • 1 quart (45UDD1QT)
The original antibiotic-free, peppermint-oil-based liniment, UDDERMINT helps reduce udder edema, hard quarters, and swollen hocks within 12-24 hours. Available in white and green.
  • White, 500-mL tube (49UDLIN5)
  • Green, 2.5-liter (49UDLN2G)
  • White, 2.5-liter (49UDLIN2)
  • Uddermint dispenser (49UDDISP)