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Teat Dips
EfferCept® SG Pre Dip
Nothing compares to fast-acting EfferCept SG teat dip for powerful killing, cleaning, and conditioning -- even in the presence of dirt, manure, and other organic matter. The same EfferCept proven effective as a germicide for use as a pre- and post-teat dip or spray now is aloe-enriched with additional cleaning power. EfferCept SG penetrates to protect, condition, and soften teats and udders.
  • 20-count jar, makes 10 gallons (45ESG020)
  • 110-count jar, makes 55 gallons (45ESG110)
  • 550-count pail, makes 275 gallons (45ESG550)
**EfferCept Pre Dip
  • 50-ct jar, makes 12.5 gallons (45ECV050)
UDDERgold® 5-Star
This teat dip kills bacteria and fights mastitis from milking to milking with a protective barrier. Use to protect against contagious Strep., Staph., and environmental pathogens.
  • 5-gallon set (45UDGA05, 45UDGB05)
  • 55-gallon set (45UDGA55, 45UDGB55)
Aztec Gold™
Aztec Gold has the strong germicidal-kill and excellent skin-conditioning qualities you need to protect cows between milkings. It’s the new teat dip ideally suited for today’s management systems. It’s rich color endures for five hours, so you can see the coverage.
  • 5-gallon set (45ZTCA05, 45ZTCB05)
  • 55-gallon set (45ZTCA55, 45ZTCB55)
Designed as a pre and post dip with excellent teat-conditioning power and very effective against hyperkeratosis, 4XLA is the ideal dip if you want the killing power of UDDERgold 5-Star but don’t need the barrier. Proven effective against environmental and contagious organisms, including staph aureus, 4XLA replenishes the cow’s natural defenses for fighting mastitis.
  • 5-gallon set (45XLAA05, 45XLAB05)
  • 15-gallon set (45XLAA15, 45XLAB15)
  • 55-gallon set (45XLAA55, 45XLAB55)

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