News Releases

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Meyer appointed general manager of East Central/Select Sires
December 5th 2016

Eric Gudex of Oakfield breeds 100,000th cow
November 30th 2016

East Central/Select Sires offers four summer internships
September 22nd 2016

Gudex and Ludeman take top honors at East Central/Select Sires employee awards banquet
August 15th 2016

Bryan Witt of Browntown breeds 100,000th cow
July 19th 2016

Frank Blahnik of Cuba City successfully breeds 100,000th cow
June 7th 2016

East Central/Select Sires celebrates 75 years
February 1st 2016

East Central/Select Sires punctuates Glen Stewart's successful career with prestigious Pioneer Award
September 2nd 2015

Boatman of Darlington first in East Central/Select Sires history to breed 175,000th first-service cow
June 24th 2015

Konen and Fossum take top honors at East Central/Select Sires employee awards banquet
June 16th 2015

Steve Otteson of Arlington breeds 100,000th cow
April 20th 2015

Brad Fossum of Lodi achieves 500,000-semen-unit-sales milestone
February 4th 2015

Dale Griebenow of Watertown breeds 100,000th cow
January 19th 2015

Kevin Farnsworth of Deerfield breeds 100,000th cow
December 15th 2014

East Central/Select Sires offers two internships
October 10th 2014

East Central/Select Sires Awards Five Scholarships
August 20th 2014

Jorgensen named 2014 Pioneer Award Winner
August 20th 2014

River Valley Farm and Select Sires Announce 7JE5000 Stud Code Series
June 23rd 2014

New Select Sires Employees Participate in Orientation
June 18th 2014

East Central/Select Sires Honors Employees
June 2nd 2014

Select Sires Announces the Acquisition of GenerVations Inc. and Sire Lodge Inc.
May 27th 2014

Select Sires to Release YODER on May 1
April 21st 2014

Select Sires' Jersey Lineup Leads the Industry
April 8th 2014

Select Sires is the Source for High-Components Breeds Sires
April 8th 2014

Exceptional GTPI, Net Merit and Type Sires Among Select Sires' Newest Graduates
April 2nd 2014

New Select Sires Employees Complete Orientation
March 31st 2014

Chart Topping GTPI Sire Available Soon
February 20th 2014

Select Sires' GABOR Dies
January 9th 2014

Five Select Sires Named Gold Medal Sires
January 9th 2014

Look to Select Sires for Elite High-Components Breeds Sires
December 11th 2013

Kevin Jorgensen Joins Select Sires Inc. as Holstein Sire Analyst
December 10th 2013

Breed Giant, PLANET, Sells Millionth Unit of Semen
November 6th 2013

Select Sires Employees Complete New Employee Orientation
October 29th 2013

Select Sires Professional Technicians Receive Advanced Training
September 18th 2013

Dr. Ray Nebel named 2013 Pioneer Award Winner for East Central/Select Sires
August 21st 2013

6 Students Receive FISC Scholarships from East Central/Select Sires
August 21st 2013

Boatman Perform 150,000th First Services
July 31st 2013

Our People Have the Passion for Your Success
July 3rd 2013

East Central/Select Sires Honors Employees
June 4th 2013

Bartholomew, Madland named East Central/Select Sires Interns
June 3rd 2013

Select Sires' Lineup Includes the Best in the Breed for GTPI, Net Merit, Type and Milk
April 19th 2013

Industry-Leading Select Sires' High-Components Lineup Adds Three Graduates
April 17th 2013

OBSERVER, New No. 1 GTPI Sire of the Breed, Headlines Outstanding Class of Graduates
April 10th 2013

MILLION...More Than a Name
March 12th 2013

DURHAM passes ELEVATION to become the leading sire of Excellent cows in the U.S.
January 7th 2013

Select Sires Holstein Sires Dominate Once Again
December 14th 2012

Select Sires' High-Components Graduates Enhance Outstanding Lineup
December 12th 2012

Eleven Exciting Graduates Join the Select Sires Lineup
December 5th 2012

Select Sires High-Components Lineup Sired Outstanding Fall Show Winners
November 20th 2012

Select Sires Delivers Spectacular Fall Holstein Show Results
November 20th 2012

Select Sires Beef Specialists Attend National Beef Tour
November 20th 2012

Select Reproductive Solutions Specialists Meet in California for Advanced Training
November 20th 2012

GABOR and RIB Raised to Excellent (94) at Most Recent Select Sires' Classification
November 8th 2012

Select Sires Adds Heatime® System to its Select Reproductive Solutions Portfolio
November 5th 2012

StrataGEN Receives Dairy Herd Management
October 8th 2012

MOSCOW is Select Siresí Newest Millionaire
September 17th 2012

East Central/Select Sires Recognizes Carl Werner with the Pioneer Award
August 21st 2012

East Central/Select Sires Honor 8 Students
August 21st 2012

Riley Brothers Angus Day
August 9th 2012

Glen Stewart Sets Record Sales at EC/SS
August 9th 2012

Select Sires daughters earn top awards at WI Junior State Fair
August 8th 2012

East Central/Select Sires Honors Employees
June 2nd 2012

Select Mating Service Promotes Customer Success with More Than 5.48 Million Corrective Matings in 2011
February 21st 2012

East Central/Select Sires to Hold AI Trainings
February 15th 2012

Select Sires' Jersey Sire Program Hits New Record With More Than One Million Units of Semen Sold
January 18th 2012

New Graduates Contribute to Breed-Leading, High-Components Lineup at Select Sires
December 14th 2011

East Central/Select Sires Seeks Area Sales Manager
December 14th 2011

Select Sires Offers Breed-Leading Sires
December 9th 2011

Select Sires Debuts Six Elite Sires
December 8th 2011

Select Siresí Showcase Selections Lineup Delivers Winners
November 7th 2011

East Central Select Sires to Host AI Trainings
September 13th 2011

East Central/Select Sires Honors 8 Students
August 29th 2011

Select Sires Daughters Stand Out at WI Championship Show
July 18th 2011

SRS Specialists Gather in Wisconsin for Advanced Training
June 16th 2011

Dieter Honored as the Select Reproductive Solutions Specialist of the Year by Select Sires
June 13th 2011

Six Holstein Sires Achieve Gold Medal Status at Select Sires
April 29th 2011

Select the Best for Type at Select Sires
April 18th 2011

Select Siresí High-Components Breeds Lineup Is Better than Ever
April 13th 2011

Select Sires Releases 11 First-Class New Graduates
April 7th 2011

Select Sires Honors Its Super Achievers
March 18th 2011

Attention Amateur Photographers
February 21st 2011

Select Mating Service: Continual Growth is Unmatched in the Industry
February 10th 2011

Excellent Classification Results at Select Sires
January 17th 2011

Select Sires Graduates Three Jersey Sires
December 16th 2010

Select Sires' New Graduates Offer
December 9th 2010

Select Sires Hosts Annual Roy A. Wallace
December 2nd 2010

Select-Sired Offspring Shine at NAILE
November 19th 2010

Select Sires Personnel and Board Members Recognized at NAAB Annual Convention
November 4th 2010

Selectís High-Components Lineup Daughters Stand Out on the Colored Shavings at World Dairy Expo
October 21st 2010

ADVENT-RED Named Premier Sire of the 2010 Grand International Red and White Show for Second Consecutive Year
October 21st 2010

Select Siresí Holstein Stars Soar at World Dairy Expo
October 19th 2010

Select Sires Introduces Precision Reproductive Management with Select Detect
October 7th 2010

Two Holstein Sires Recognized as Gold Medal Sires
September 2nd 2010

Select Sires Graduates Two ACTION Sons
August 26th 2010

Select Sires Graduates 10 Elite Sires
August 26th 2010

Select Sires Daughters Shine at WI Championship Show
July 15th 2010

Itís Unanimous: DAMION Now Excellent (95)
July 6th 2010

Excellent Classification at Select Sires
June 15th 2010

East Central/Select Sires Honors Employees
June 10th 2010

Sime selected as East Central/Select Sires Communications and Marketing Intern
May 24th 2010

ACTION Becomes No. 1 Lifetime Sales Jersey Sire at Select Sires
May 20th 2010

Select Sires Employee Orientation
May 10th 2010

Select Sires Employee Orientation
May 10th 2010

Select Sires Adds Diversity to Jersey Lineup with Danish Sires
April 9th 2010

Select Sires Dominates with Eight Superior New Graduates
April 8th 2010

Select Sires Introduces DIAMOND SELECTion: Meeting the Needs of Every Customer
April 7th 2010

New Chairmen Named for Select Sires Inc. Board of Directors
April 5th 2010

BLITZ is All-Time High Production Bull at Select Sires
March 1st 2010

Select Sires Graduates Nine Elite Sires
January 15th 2010

President's Club Winners Announced
December 4th 2009

Super Achievers Named
December 4th 2009

40 New Excellent Sires at Select Sires
November 20th 2009

ADVENT-RED Named Premier Sire of the 2009
November 20th 2009

East Central ASMs Earn Select Sires President's Club Honors
October 21st 2009

Select Sires Honors Four with Reproductive Awards
October 16th 2009

Advent-Red Named Premier Sire at the 2009 Grand International Red & White Show
October 12th 2009

Select Sires Adds a Dynamic Dozen New Graduates
August 26th 2009

Select Sires Introduces FeedPRO: More Income Ė Less Feed
August 18th 2009

O MAN Sells A Million Units of Semen
August 17th 2009

BioTracking and Select Sires Announce Affiliation
July 13th 2009

East Central/Select Sires Honors Employees
June 22nd 2009

Excellent Classification at Select Sires
May 14th 2009

Bryan Witt of Browntown breeds 100,000th cow

Glen Stewart Sets Record Sales at EC/SS