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Genetic selection made easier

For more than 50 years, Select Sires' diamond emblem has represented the mark of outstanding genetics. These superior genetics offer great diversity, excel in industry indexes, and fit a wide range of breeding goals for Select Sires' customers. It is clearly understood at Select Sires that one size does not fit all in the genetic world.

Look for the following Designations to specifiy Select Sires genetic influencers for your herd!

YODER daughter

Calving Ease

The Calving-Ease logo is a quick and simple way to locate the sires that are below breed average for sire-calving ease. This is a great tool when selecting heifer matings.


FeedPRO optimizes the selection for increased production and moderate body size while maintaining body-condition score and daughter fertility. This revolutionary index designates sires with the genetics to improve income-over-feed costs and maintain health and reproductive traits.



Made up of genomic young sires, this group has been selected based on rigid semen-quality standards and their high-ranking Sire Conception Rate (SCR) from progeny test semen usage. Additionally, FertilityPRO sires have outstanding genetic merit with a highly-reliable sire stack. FertilityPRO sires combine the best of genetics and fertility together in one package to meet your breeding goals.

gender SELECTed

gender SELECTed™

Look for the gender SELECTed logo to identify those sires with sexed semen available. More heifers is not out of reach with our research-backed gender SELECTed semen. 


Showcase Selections™

Showcase Selections pinpoints the elite type sires available. Sires earn this designation through outstanding, breed-leading type or show-winning pedigrees. Turn to this designation to produce your next show winner or improve the overall type in your herd.


Superior Settler™

The Superior Settler logo identifies those sires with semen that will likely improve pregnancy rates. This designation is assigned by examining industry service-sire-conception-rate values, along with intensive in-house-semen-quality evaluations. This group of sires will offer semen fertility without compromise.



Always passionate about customer success, Select Sires has collaborated with Zoetis to provide two innovative indexes for its Holstein lineup sires, Wellness Trait Index™ (WT$™) and Dairy Wellness Profit Index™ (DWP$™), which uses wellness trait information from the CLARIFIDE® Plus genomic test to predict lifetime profitability based on additional wellness information. The top WT$ sires at Select Sires will be designated WellnessPRO to identify the sires with the greatest chance to make a positive impact on wellness by reducing the genetic risk of common dairy cow diseases.