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The variety of data included on a sire price list can cause confusion and a feeling of uncertainty. The links below provide some incite and explanation of the basic proof indexes and traits.
Calving and Health Traits
We all know in order to maintain a profitable business, good reproduction and health are very important. The following listing talks about the acronyms used on the price list and in the sire directory to express a bull's health and calving traits.
  • PL: Productive life is the measurement of the number of months a cow is expected to stay in the milking herd. Higher is more favorable.
  • SCS: Somatic cell score provides an indicator of mastitis in a bull's daughters based on the direct measure of somatic cells in milk samples. Lower is better.
  • SCE: Sire calving ease measures the tendency of calves to be born more or less early. Expressed as a percent of difficult births in first-calf heifers. The lower the value, the better.
  • DPR: Daughter pregnancy rate indicates the pregnancy rate difference expected in lactating daughters of a bull. A higher value is preferred.
  • CCR: Cow conception rate is a lactating cow's ability to become pregnant at each service.
  • HCR: Heifer conception rate describes a virgin heifer's ability to become pregnant at each service.
  • LIV: Cow livability notes the probability a cow will stay alive once in the milking herd.