DAIRY SIRES » Acronym Descriptions

The variety of data included on a sire price list can cause confusion and a feeling of uncertainty. The links below provide some incite and explanation of the basic proof indexes and traits.
Total Performance Index (TPI)
Total Performance Index (TPI) is a multi-trait index calculated combining production, Type, longevity, and fertility into a single value. The higher, the better. Here's an image illustrating the percentage of importance given to each feature.
NM$ (net merit dollars)
NM$ (net merit dollars) measures expected profit that offspring will provide during its lifetime. The higher the number, the more potential profit. Here's an image illustrating trait weights for NM$.
CM$ (cheese merit dollars)
CM$ (cheese merit dollars) was created to show milk sold for making cheese or other dairy products. This image shows trait weights that create CM$.
Production Traits
Let's talk about what puts pounds in the tank and money in the bank: production traits.
PTAT = predicted transmitting ability for type
This graphic talks about the trait weights given to udder composite and foot and leg composite.
Calving and Health Traits
We all know in order to maintain a profitable business, good reproduction and health are very important. The following image talks about the acronyms used on the price list and in the sire directory to express a bull's health and calving traits.